Uniform and Linen Services in Charlotte, NC

Linen Services in Charlotte

Linen Service has commercial linen service partners throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina Greater Area. We offer a free and easy to use online search tool to help you get competitive quotes on linen services for your business. Our linen services cover restaurants, medical facilities, hotels and more!

Call our hotline at 888-770-2489, and we will match you up with up to three of our partners, absolutely free!

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Linen Services in Charlotte, North Carolina for Restaurants, Hotels, Medical, Healthcare, Spas, Massage and More

Among the countless people who have hailed from Charlotte, North Carolina, two stand out; a president, James Polk, and a pirate. In this case, the president is outclassed in terms of drama and mythology by the pirate, who is none other than James Teach, the infamous Blackbeard.

Yeah, Polk may have been born in a log cabin, but Teach lived near what would become Charlotte during a break in his seafaring career, marrying a local girl and, legend has it, burying massive chests of treasure somewhere nearby before going off to be defeated while sacking Charleston, S.C., and have his head chopped off by a righteous British naval officer.

The treasure has never been found. But that's okay, because Charlotte, NC, has become its own treasure, a place with a diversified economy, suffering less than most parts of the country during the recession, an enviable standard of living and a satisfying quality of life. A vibrant bar and restaurant scene exists, especially in trendy neighborhoods like Uptown. And of course the more elegant among these (and elegance can come in all price ranges) serve their meals on crisp white linen tablecloths.

The smartest restaurant and bar owners and managers turn the uncertain job of locating and selecting quality linen services to someone else. Someone like Linen Service, a cutting edge Internet research tool take takes the worry out of locating the best linen supplier no matter what your linen needs.

Linen Rental Services Provided

Linen Service has recommendations for practically any linen service your business would need, like:

Here's how Linen Service works: Simply type in your linen needs at the Linen Service website, and within a day you'll receive up to three price quotes from linen purveyors in your area. You won't need more than three, because Linen Service has already vetted all the restaurant linen suppliers in Charlotte, N.C. region on a strict set of standards, including product quality, reliability, laundry service and aggressive pricing. There's never any cost to you for using Linen Service, and you're under no obligation to buy or rent from the recommended linen suppliers. But most likely you will due to quality, service, and price.

Other industries and institutions benefit from Linen Service, too. Doctor's offices, medical centers, hospitals, anyone who needs medical linen service and related services, for example: scrubs, towels, pillowcases, sheets, bathroom supplies and services; Linen Service is your best bet for quality products and service at the best prices.

The same is true for companies that still outfit employees in uniforms; a legacy practice that remains an effective business strategy. Uniform rentals build teamwork and morale, while enabling you to extend your brand into the community.

Top Quality Services

Linen Service does not only provide the best and most accurate referrals; they also make sure that the referred companies are the best. Each potential partner is checked for the following qualifications to ensure quality:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) lookup
  • Business operations of at least three years
  • No history of bankruptcy
  • Business state filings
  • Outstanding judgments and liens
  • Positive feedback from select former customers
  • Complete business license and certifications
  • Service Areas

Charlotte Linen Service has done the research on all linen companies in the area so you don't have to. The deciding factors when choosing a linen company include quality of linen, level of service, and pricing. We concentrate on finding linen services in these industries: food and beverage, health care (hospitals and retail medical) parties, weddings, and uniform rentals.