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Shop Towels and Wiping Cloth Rentals and Laundering

Linen Service will help you maintain a well-stocked inventory of towels without the up-front investment costs and waste associated with supplying your own. All our providers' cleaning rags and towels are 100%, highly absorbent cotton, and may be used for wiping up oil or grease, engine cleaning, etc. We offer pre-qualified uniform rental and laundry services from providers in your area, and we guarantee you prompt delivery of high quality products. All rags are sterilized and fumigated before shipment. They are completely free from dust, dirt, wire, and other foreign objects, and are hygienically clean and fit for both human and industrial use.

Automotive Wipers

Different types of cloths are used for the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles. Depending on the exact purpose for which they are required, the towels come in various sizes, type, and weight. These towels are all 100% cotton, are nicely hemmed along all four edges, and can be washed several times before needing to be replaced. We also offer the towels in a range of colors to suit your choice. Please contact one of our Customer Service representatives for more information.

Non-Woven Wipers

These non-woven towels have extremely high absorbency. Non-woven Toolbox wipers are available through our site, which are produced using DRC Technology.

Micro-Fiber Wipers

Micro-fiber wipers are made using ultra-fine synthetic fibers. This allows them to be used for very effective cleaning of all surfaces. They even remove dirt from the tiniest surface imperfections, and do not need to be used with chemicals to obtain a completely clean surface. They are highly absorbent and able to be rewashed a number of times before needing to be replaced.