Medical Linen Services
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Medical Sheet Service and Rentals

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Medical Sheets

Spa Sheet Rental

Linen sheet rental services are perfect programs for day spas. They provide a cost effective, more convenient alternative, compared to laundering sheets on-premises with company employees. The linen service delivers fresh, clean and pressed sheets every week. They also pick up all of the dirty linens upon delivery. The linen companies in the Linen Service network adhere to the highest industrial laundering standards for these products. The laundry service begins by purchasing a premium sheet, and then processing it using sophisticated washing, drying, and ironing equipment. Most providers for spas and day spas offer twin sheets, however some do also offer queen sheets.

Massage Sheets

Many massage parlors and physical therapy centers are using linen rental companies to service their sheet and towel needs. Linen Service providers can offer these types of companies excellent quality sheets at economical prices. Additionally, the massage facility doesn't need to worry about doing laundry. They can instead focus on their business of performing massages and taking care of their customers. Sheets for massages are clean, stacked, and ready to use. There is also no initial investment purchasing the sheets.

Medical Office Sheets

More and more doctors' offices are turning to medical linen services to deliver their sheets. Chiropractors' offices, physicians, and other medical facilities are realizing the value of using a linen rental company to service their sheets used in the office. It is critical that the laundry who rents out these sheets adheres to the strictest industrial laundering guidelines. OSHA, HLAC, and Laundry ESP are several organizations who promote proper medical laundry safety practices.


Pillowcase rentals are ideal for massage tables, medical office beds, day spas, hospitals, and chiropractors. Like patient gowns, linen pillowcase rentals are more comfortable for patients and are easier on the environment. Fill out our form to locate local, pre-screened, quality pillowcase and sheet rental companies.