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Restaurant Apron Service

Kitchen Aprons, Server Aprons

Restaurant Apron Service

Restaurant Apron Service and Rentals

Apron Rentals for Restaurants Bib Aprons, Bistro Aprons, Server Aprons

Bib Aprons

The industry standard for the kitchen apron is the bib apron. The bib apron is offered by most linen supply companies in standard colors (white, black, red, blue, green). Linen Service recommends renting aprons made of 7.2 oz. spun polyester. These are the easiest to clean, and maintain their color without fading. Some companies still use a cotton / polyester blend, but these are often impossible to get clean enough to present to the customer. Some suppliers also do not iron and fold the aprons before delivering them to the customer, resulting in a wrinkled product. The linen services in the Linen Service network buy premium aprons. In addition, these companies iron, count, fold, and wrap the laundered items.

Bistro Aprons

Bistro aprons are generally worn by servers. The standard colors are black and white. Most companies carry this item with and without pockets. Some also stock a bistro apron with one pocket. It is critical the ironing of bistro aprons is impeccable, as this item will be a part of the dining room staff's uniform. The linen companies affiliated with Linen Service take pride in delivering quality bistro aprons. Select "Find a Supplier" to get matched with local companies who can further discuss product options.

Server Aprons

Different linen companies offer a variety of additional items for employees. Waist aprons are a popular item for casual restaurants. They are short and have bill pockets in the front. Another popular apron is the 4 way apron, which can be turned 4 times if it gets any stains on it during a shift.